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A GREAT way for parents and former players to stay to help coach our summer teams!    EVERY player should be playing on a summer team!

Ohio Youth Basketball (OYB) is one of the BEST Ohio Summer basketball tournament hosts!  The competition is VERY good and doesn't require you to travel all over America.

Check out OYB here: 

You may not want to "coach" a team.  That's ok!  We need help with different positions with our summer program!

- Directors

Responsible for coordinating tournament entry fees, hotels, score officials, and financing for each team, as well as coordinating practice facilities.  Basically relieve the coach of administrative details.  A coach CAN serve as a Director if desired.

- Head Coach

Responsible for their teams practices, game planning, and heading up the teams for each tournament.  May need to host tryouts depending on the response!   Also is responsible for recruiting other players from other teams in the area!

- Team Moms

Helping with coordinating transportation, food, and general team help.

- Team Reporters

Get us the results and updates from each game and tournament!  Pictures would be great!

- Sponsors

Maybe you don't have the time to be able to help - but you have financial resources to take the burden off of the players.   Sponsors can name their teams and have sponsorship on our website!

Our immediate goals are as follows:

- 2 Summer teams PER age group!

- 7 Groups = 14 teams.

- 1 Director for each Group = 7 Directors

- Coaches and Directors move up with their team each year!

- At least 8 tournaments each year

- 112 Total tournaments!

- Participate in 1 "Nationals tourney"

Average tourney fee is $300

$33,600 in tournament fees.

Goal = $35,000 raised for tournament fees.

$15,000 raised for uniforms, coach's hotel and per diem fees, balls, score books, misc. fees.

* Coaches are coaching for free!  The least we can do is help them with their hotel room and their food for the weekend!

Total Goal:    $50,000

Directors / Coaches will appoint a treasurer to handle / oversee funds.

We need to be conducting tryouts for summer teams ASAP!   The tournaments have already started!

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