Our Player Expectations

1.  Our players are first and foremost STUDENTS; Therefore, academics should and will always be our #1 priority!

2.  Our players should strive to be the elite leaders of their school.  Therefore, we require our players to display the highest moral characteristics daily!   Be the difference!

3.  We strongly encourage our players to put God first in their lives.

4.  We strongly encourage our players to be respectful of their parents, guardians, teachers, fellow students, and those they come into contact with on a daily basis.

5.  The TEAM always comes before the player.  Therefore, our players will not drink alcohol, participate in the use of drugs or tobacco, and will stay away from things that might reflect negatively on our team.

6.  Our players are family.   Family NEVER quits on each other.  We may have disagreements and we may have bad moments.... but we always come together and work them out - and then move on!  We never quit on the team!

7.  Our players should constantly work on becoming better players and people.   Strength and conditioning should be a daily part of their lives.   Since we represent our team and school, we should always present a clean cut image that is clean, fresh, and kept up.   During the season, we expect our players to be clean shaven, with "tight" hair cuts that are maintained weekly.

8.  We will refrain from things that might draw attention to us and away from our team!   Absolutely No earrings, display of tattoos, jewelry, or inappropriate attire that might discredit our attempt to be leaders and always doing the right things.

Inside these pages....  The Expectations are set!  Our entire program from youth through varsity is laid out.  YOU control your destiny!

Get it Done!


Fundamentals are the basics of basketball.   Shoot, Pass, Dribble, Defend.   We have provided videos of what we expect you to be able to do at each grade level.   These fundamentals will get better each and every time you practice on your own!   The fundamentals are the foundation of your varsity career!   We EXPECT the fundamentals to be at a certain level prior to each grade level.   

Off Season Play (AAU / Ohio Youth BBall)

The only way that we are going to compete at the District, Regional, and State level will be to get our players playing summer basketball on an AAU or Ohio Youth Basketball team!   It should be your desire to play as much as possible.  Those that participate in the off season will be that much farther ahead when it comes time for their varsity season!  We will help coordinate the teams!  We are always looking for parents or former players to help - especially with our younger teams!   Check our pages for up to date information!

Team Camps / Individual Camps

We will be attending a TEAM camp every summer.   We will encourage our youth programs to attend camps as well.   We also will emphasize individual camps and will recommend camps.  Some camps offer discounts to the camper if a parent wishes to help supervise and or coach!  This is a GREAT way to get involved in your players progress.   

Conditioning / Lifting / Open Gyms

It is expected for all basketball players from 7th grade - varsity to attend Conditioning, Lifting, and Open Gyms.  In fact, we will track and monitor all events and record your progress.   If you are in another sport, you are excused from these events.  However, we strongly encourage you to come hang out and even shoot around.   It is all about TEAM development.  Players and parents will be able to see when our events are as well as track their players progress!  EVERYTHING we do - is recorded!   The only way to see where we are headed is to measure progress.

Our System / Plays / Expectations

The offense and defense we run will change slightly each year based off of the personnel and our strengths.   However, the core of what we do will always revolve around our system.    Inside these pages, you will see videos that break down our offenses, our defenses, our set plays, and our expectations.   Every grade (7th-Varsity) will use the same terminology and the same system.   We encourage all of our coaches as well as our players to get very comfortable with our system.   We will break everything down into drills and these drills will all have names that match what we call the actual "play".  It is IMPERATIVE that you spend time looking at each grade level to ensure  you understand the basics and then we build upon those each year moving forward and closer to the varsity level.

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