At our core, we will be EXCELLENT at the fundamentals:  Pass, Catch, Dribble, Shoot, Defend, and Rebounding the basketball!


4th Grade and above
7th Grade and above
4th Grade and above
4th Grade and above
8th Grade and above
7th Grade and above 
"Lay-up Loop Drill"
4th Grade and above
We want our players to develop the same routine every time they shoot a free throw!
Example:  Step up, place foot on nail, dribble three times, set up the shot, smooth release, follow through.         Get a comfortable routine and do it every single time!   
4th Grade - set shot
6th Grade - jump shot
Work from the inside out!  Meaning - always start warming up shooting shots close to the basket.   As you warm up, move farther away from the basket.   If you're not "on"... scoot back in closer to the basket!  
6th Grade and up 
"Korvac Shooting Drill"
*Always include in practice!

Shooting Drills:

7th Grade and up
"Duke Dribble and Kick Shooting Drill"
* Competitive drill - pairs keep track of makes.  10 minutes.  Losing teams run sprints.  Make teams equal. 
7th Grade and up
"Full Court  Shooting Drill"
* Start with layups and work out!  
* Players rotate to the next line in front of them.
* Reverse the drill after 10 minutes - go opposite direction.
7th Grade and up
"Duke - 2 Dribble stop and shoot Drill"
1.  Go for Free throw line shot
2.  Go for extended layup

Post Drills:   

(Guards and Forwards should work on this!  Our offense - you might get the ball in the post!

7th Grade and up
"Donovan Drop Drill
8th Grade:  Add in drop step - head fake - dribble - shot.  (move the initial receiving spot up a little).
Don't use chair - use a live passer!
7th Grade and up
Power Dribble / Drop Step / Up and Under Drill
7th grade:  1st part of drill... dribble - drop step.
8th grade:  2nd part of drill... dribble - drop step - up and under.
Don't use chairs - use passers!

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